ArtGrails is a standalone Blue Chip NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) Platform founded by Veteran Art Dealer, Avery Andon. Each release on ArtGrails is curated, with a focus on unique and iconic NFT “grails”.

Borrowed from the world of rare Watches and Sneakers, the term “Grail” represents the rarest, hardest to acquire items on a Collectors Wishlist. With thousands of NFT’s flooding the market and existing platforms offering limited / zero Curation, ArtGrails aims to target the most discerning NFT Collectors with releases from some of the biggest names in Art, Music and Entertainment along with innovative collaborations and groundbreaking explorations of the NFT medium.

ArtGrails will offer Limited Edition NFT’s, with seamless / secure payment processing and a simplified user interface that even first time NFT Buyers can navigate. All releases implement Queue-It technology, to combat BOTS and protect against Server Overloads. MetaMask and other leading wallets can be connected directly to the ArtGrails platform, allowing collectors to instantly export their NFT Acquisitions.

Each ArtGrails NFT Release will also be accompanied by a Raffle, with the Winner(s) being awarded additional experiences and prizes - ranging from Virtual Meet & Greets to Backstage Passes to physical Original Paintings and Sculptures! Welcome to May the Grails be with you!